N O M I N A T I O N   P R O C E S S   ::

In previous years we’ve limited nominations to regions. In 2019, we’re “jumping into the deep end” and opening nominations nation-wide. As such, you may nominate wedding suppliers from throughout New Zealand, across 19 different categories.

For example, Photographers, Florists, venues etc.(see nomination form for categories) Anyone can nominate any wedding suppliers or as a supplier, and if you don’t wish to wait for someone else to nominate your fabulous business, you can nominate yourself!


OPEN         TUESDAY, 1st January 2019 09:00am {NZ TIME}
CLOSE        THURSDAY, 28th February 2019 9:00pm {NZ TIME}



O F F I C I A L   E N T R Y   P R O C E S S   ::

HOW DO WE ENTER OUR BUSINESS INTO THE AWARDS? Once your nomination has been received, you will be sent an email inviting you to officially enter the awards. The entry will be an online process, or alternatively, you can print the form, complete and post in. CONDITIONS OF ENTRY ::

  • If you decide to SUBMIT an ENTRY following your nomination, there is an entry fee of $55.00NZD* (*NZD=New Zealand Dollars). This covers administration costs related to the processing of your entry. If your business is entered into multiple categories [i.e. Outstanding Wedding Ceremony Venue, Outstanding Wedding Reception Venue, Emerging Business], a maximum of $110.00NZD will be charged for the first two categories in which you’re entered. Any additional categories entered [over and above the first two], will not incur an entry fee;
  • ALL finalists MUST be present at the awards dinner for the winning announcement in their respective category. If a finalist is not present at the awards evening and wins in their category, they risk forfeiting their award. Tickets to the event will available to purchase on line.


OPEN           FRIDAY, March 1st 2019 09:00am {NZ TIME}
CLOSE          FRIDAY, May 31st 2019 9:00pm {NZ TIME}