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NOMINATIONS [for 2024] OPEN Dec 25th 2023


You may nominate wedding suppliers from throughout New Zealand, across over 20 different categories.


The NOMINATION / ENTRY process is easy. Once a business has been confirmed as having been nominated (and if the nominated business accepts the nomination and elects to enter the awards process), they can ENTER.


Closing date for 2024 NOMINATIONS is MONDAY, April 1st 2024


For example, Photographers, Florists, venues etc. Anyone can nominate any wedding supplier(s), seek nomination from another wedding industry peer, or if you don’t wish to wait for someone else to nominate your fabulous business – you can nominate yourself!


2024 – NOMINATIONS & ENTRIES – 2024 NOMINATIONS OPEN December 25th 2023 :


OPEN                                        MONDAY, December 25th 2023
CLOSE OF NOMINATIONS   MONDAY, April 1st 2024, 9:00 PM, NZT* (*New Zealand Time)
NOMINEES ADVISED             MONDAY, April 15th 2024* (*we have received over 900 nominations as at closing date of NOMINATIONS. We begin rolling out                                                                       emails to nominated businesses from MONDAY, December 25th 2023. All nominated businesses advised by MONDAY, June 3rd 2024).



O F F I C I A L   E N T R Y   P R O C E S S   ::


HOW DO WE ENTER OUR BUSINESS INTO THE AWARDS? You must first be NOMINATED to get through the first gate of the awards process. Once your nomination has been received, you will be sent an email inviting you to officially enter the awards. The entry will be an online process, or alternatively, you can print the form, complete and post in.


  • If you decide to SUBMIT an ENTRY following your nomination, there is an entry fee of $55.00NZD* (*NZD=New Zealand Dollars) per category. This covers administration costs related to the processing of each category entry. A entrant once NOMINATED can only ENTER a maximum of 3 categories* (*including the People’s Choice category);


  • ALL finalists MUST be present at the awards dinner for the winning announcement in their respective category. If a FINALIST is not present at the awards evening and WINS in their category, they will automatically forfeit* their award (*unless a special dispensation has been granted by WIANZ organisers). Tickets to the Wedding Industry Awards Gala will only be available online via www.weddingindustryawards.nz** Tickets will be available via our official website. NO DOOR SALES WILL BE AVAILABLE TO THIS EVENT.**





OPEN           Monday, December 25th 2023 9:00pm NZT. If a business elects to self-nominate then they can SUBMIT AN ENTRY that same day. All official entries must be received and relevant entry fee(s) paid at the time of entry to qualify as an OFFICIAL ENTRY in the 2024 Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) judging process. Where a business is NOMINATED by a client or industry peer, the nominated business will be advised following receipt of any nomination.

PLEASE NOTE: It is imperative ANY NOMINATED BUSINESS understand following their submitting an official entry [together with the relevant entry fee(s)], IF THE BUSINESS BECOMES A FINALIST, they MUST UNDERSTAND they are then obligated to attend the 2024 New Zealand Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) gala to receive an award(s) if they are the winner in their nominated category* [*or categories if finalist in more than a single category].

CLOSE          MONDAY, July 1st 9:00pm NZT