Tickets will be available after our 2024 FINALIST are announced* (*Monday, August 19th 2024)

You will be greeted with a complimentary ‘welcome’ drink on arrival prior to the evening commencement.

The awards evening is a perfect opportunity to share your success with your team, family and friends, or valued clients.

For your convenience, you can purchase individual tickets or buy a table and save $200.00 NZD off the total cost.

Individual 2024 WIANZ Gala tickets are $250.00 NZD
Buy a table {seats 10 guests}, and you’ll receive an especially discounted rate of $2,300 NZD

Please note, if you’re paying by credit card or PayPal your transaction is subject to 6% + $0.45 fees from PayPal.

IMPORTANT NOTE (Caveat Emptor*): Please be aware, given the volatility of Covid-19 and variants still being actively present in the community and any potential change to settings around the Country based on Covid/Omicron (or any related/successive/subsequent variants/strains of Covid-19), dinner tickets to this years are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once purchased, if you (or any guest to your Table is unable to make it to the scheduled 2024 Gala Awards dinner), you will not receive a refund.

While your dinner ticket is non-refundable once purchased, each ticket is TRANSFERABLE, meaning you can on-sell the ticket. If you employ this option, you MUST ADVISE the WIANZ* ORGANISER(S) of the name and contact details* (*Name, Phone number, email address, and postal address), of the person(s) to whom you have sold your ticket(s). It is vital to our seating plan we have this information from YOU THE SELLER to ensure a seamless process when your guest(s) arrive to venue.

Any person(s) arriving to the 2024 Gala Award venue without first having provided their contact information within 2 business days following their purchase of a dinner ticket(s) risks being refused entry by WIANZ ORGANISER(S), and no refund of their dinner ticket will be made available, and no discussion(s) with WIANZ ORGANISER(S) following the 2024 awards gala will be entered into.

*Caveat Emptor – Caveat emptor is a Latin term that means “let the buyer beware.” Similar to the phrase “sold as is,” this term means that the buyer assumes the risk at time of purchase.
*WIANZ – Wedding Industry Awards New Zealand


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