Just like a couple’s ‘Big Day’ where you effectively “follow your Feet” down the aisle to “tie the knot”, a host of businesses have just been nominated into this years Wedding Industry Awards (NZ). Clients (or industry peers) have nominated these uber-talented wedding Artisans as a result of their experience/interaction with those businesses. Hundreds of couples “followed the Feet” (as guided by the expert advice of wedding experts who have witnessed countless couples before them), walk the same path to meet their Lover at the other end. Just as these couples had recounted their commitment of love for the person with whom they wished to spend the rest of their days, in like fashion, they now recount (through their nomination), the love, sense of value, and commitment given them by their adoring wedding vendor.

It’s not wholly unselfish to suggest wedding vendors play a significant role in the overall success of a couples wedding day occasion. They leave a lasting impression in the minds, hearts, and lives of the couples they serve. After all, “getting hitched’ is a highly emotional milestone. Right up there with having a child or buying your first home!

The experience with a wedding vendor will either leave a sweet after-taste of praise filled adoration, or a bitter sense of underwhelming deflation.

Your nomination as a business into this years awards is the opitomy of the former.

It’s with a great sense of excitement, our Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) team will soon be despatching email advice to a host of businesses across the breadth of Aotearoa informing them of their nomination into this years awards, and moreover, an invitation to enter the next phase of the awards process.

If you, or your business, receive such an invite via email, don’t dismiss its value thinking it’s “just another thing to add on the Everest of things to do”, or “it’s a money-making scam”. On the contrary, see it as your opportunity to take your business to the next level of what you wish your business ‘could be’. Imagine your business as an “award winning business”. How would that make you feel? Could being deemed an award-winning business attract new clients, reassure present clients, and reaffirm your past clients decision in choosing you in the first place? Dare I suggest the resounding answer is “yes”.

Whatever your perspective on how you see Wedding Industry Awards (NZ), I would ask if you do receive an email advising of your nomination, and subsequent invitation – enter the awards. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? You don’t get through to the finals. What’s the best that could happen? You do get through as a finalist in your category (or multiple categories), and maybe, just maybe, you WIN!

From past experience, I can assure you, no one who has won on the night has EVER regretted their decision to enter. Ever!

All the very best to those businesses who over the next few days will receive their ‘golden ticket’ email (as I like to refer to them). I look forward to following your journey, and hope to have you join us at the July awards gala, irrespective of the outcome. It’s going to be a fabulous night not to be missed!

So, as the title of this mini novella suggested – now the #realfun begins!

Pete Duncan
Co-founder / Host
Wedding Industry Awards (NZ)