ONLY 01 SLEEP… then the unknown becomes ‘KNOWN’

Only one sleep separates us from meeting you, our valued inbound guests, to this year’s 4th annual Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) Gala.

Today, if we may, we’d like to strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t already uploaded the cleverly crafted social media frame fashioned by creative super-sleuth, Shaun Foster, of Hamilton based – Shift Creative to your personal and/or business facebook pages. We’ve created this as a further opportunity to “put yourself out there”, so technology savvy, or not, please give it a go, it’s easy peasy to upload and “make the magic happen”.
Click HERE to take it for a test drive NOW!


This is the second time we’ve enjoyed a collaboration with Shift Creative, and each time we’ve ‘brain-stormed’ crazy concepts, Shaun has somehow understood our ‘language’ and translates our ‘vision’ into majestical vehicles through which we can communicate a message understood by all (…or at least most :)).

“Sooo, why did we go to such an extreme to create this frame thingy?”, you ask. Great question.

This fab facebook frame is a great way to promote YOU, your amazing business, and MOST IMPORTANTLY to “refresh” to your past, present, and potential clients of your FINALIST status. It REMINDS your past clients of the great decision they made in choosing you, REFRESHES to your present clients your willingness to ‘pit yourself against your industry peers to be outstanding in your chosen field, and REINVIGORATES the idea in the minds of potential/future clients of their need of your services!

“So, what’s this frame all about?!?!”, you ask? Again, another great question you ask. I’m a visual/tactile, so maybe it’s simply easier to show you what some of the ‘early adopters’ among us are doing. Simply click on the following images to find out who the genius’ are behind these images!










That’s it really. This is genuinely about YOU and your awesomeness as a business,
and a business owner (or as someone workin’ someone else’s business).



And…, if you do, and you SHARE your new creation with the Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) facebook page, you’ll go into a draw to WIN one of three gorgeous Bottles of Bubbles. WINNERS will be drawn on the night of the awards and Bottles will be delivered to your Table on the night to SHARE your success (or NOT share, if you wish to keep the ‘joy Juice’ to yourself).

O.K., so NOW, go get that fab facebook frame thingy HERE and get wearin’ your face on your personal and/or business facebook page(s). I’ve also just received word from the Shift Creative Guru (Shaun Foster), to say, “you can use the link anywhere (I assume) but the frame will only work with the facebook camera so the link will take you to facebook if you click on the link. People can still save their photos and upload them anywhere though.”

So, NO EXCUSES. Get all over it like a rash after rollin’ around in Poison Ivy!


DISCLAIMER :: This social media tool was lovingly created for your enjoyment. It’s not intended to create harm, frustration, or exasperate you, or your IT helpdesk, PA, or support worker. If you experience any form of hypertension, or Heart palpitations as a result of trying to navigate your way through understanding what should otherwise be simple instructions for usage, please consult a medical professional.