To select more than one category to enter, hold down the ctrl key and click additional category.

    Please tick/mark the following box if do not wish to be entered into the People’s Choice Award category

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    Is there a fee to enter the Wedding Industry Awards?

    Yes, there is a minimum $55.00 fee to enter to cover administration costs. This fee is payable on entry.

    If your business has received nomination(s) in multiple categories (i.e., OUTSTANDING CEREMONY VENUE, OUTSTANDING RECEPTION VENUE, UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, etc), you will need to pay $55NZD per category entry (to a maximum of 3 categories).

    Bank Account Details for entry fee(s) are as follows:
    Bank/Branch: ANZ, Albany
    Account name: The Love Company Ltd
    Account number: 01-0277-0177116-00
    : Include your Business Name in the REFERENCE when lodging your fee(s). Thank you.