The Clock is ticking! The countdown to close of entries to this years Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) looms!


“Unprecedented”. A word every household who owns a TV, Radio, or Mobile Phone, would come to learn and in many cases ‘loathe’ across almost 3 years of a global pandemic.

Funny thing is, in our case, we see “unprecedented” in a whole new light.

To the Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) team, it is the perfect word. It sums up the unprecedented nearly* 1,000 nominations received this year (*971 for those analytical types who adore numbers – including our WIANZ founder).

Unprecedented words of encouragement in each and every nomination from wedding vendors past, or  present clients, or verbal “high fives” from industry peers recognising their colleagues fighting alongside them in the wedding trenches.

Unprecedented support from people across the landscape of Aotearoa reminding YOU, our fabulous NOMINEE BUSINESS(ES), how truly vital you are in making a dream-board, Napkin drawing, social media SOS post, or panic Phone call become a smooth, seamless, gorgeous reality!

If you’ve been NOMINATED into this years awards, it’s for good reason. YOU are that good reason! YOU.

So. The next decision on your part following receipt of an email from WIANZ HQ is whether you have time, inclination, or energy to ENTER.

I would like to tautoko* (*encourage) YOU to enter. If not for you, then because someone (and in many cases, lots of someones), BELIEVE IN YOU, and your passion, dedication, and craft. I appreciate, like few people do, how busy life is. Amidst this busyness – consider your business. How far you’ve come. How far you’ve still to go. What you’ve achieved along the Road of your journey. YOU really ar

e phenomenal!

This week. Today. Now. Maybe. Just maybe. It’s time to enter if you’ve never entered before. If you’ve entered the awards previously and been nominated again this year. That’s gotta tell you something right? So, again, maybe block some of your valuable time today, tomorrow, this week, and ENTER.

On behalf of your 2023 WIANZ team, we sincerely hope you do enter. We’re genuinely excited with each entry we’ve received so far – but there’s still room for you and your entry.


Pete & Valeta xo



Pete & Valeta Duncan

Wedding Industry Awards (NZ)