“We’re Tree huggers, so we’ve decided not to issue tickets”

We’ll, maybe not every day “Tree huggers”, but we’re making every effort to reduce the Paper Mountains we often create with all the activity which traditionally comes with Wedding Industry Awards (NZ).

So, to further reduce our Footprint on the World, and more importantly save a Tree or two, we went on a global hunt and discovered Swiss based company EVENTOR, and its Co-founder and CTO – Mindaugas Stonys. Sharing our love of “Tree hugging”, Mindaugas and team at Eventor have joined forces with us to become paperless, which includes trialing their fabulous app based check-in system.

In essence, for you our valued guests, it will simply mean you will be “checked-in” on arrival by our ‘welcome team’ via iPads, who will confirm you in by name, or by your Table name (whichever you’ve provided when originally purchasing your seat(s)).

Easy peasy.

Remember, no tickets will be issued to you. The initial receipt you received at time of purchase is your confirmation you have a seat at a Table (or A whole Table if that’s what you’ve purchased). On check-in to the event, you will be greeted, asked your name, or the Table name, “checked-in” and that’s it! Proceed to the ‘welcome drinks’ station… and enjoy the rest of your evening.

We look forward to sharing this fab technology with you all on the night as you “check in” on the Red Carpet.

Your Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) team xoxo

P.S., For any wedding/event planner reading this post who may be interested in the EVENTOR app for your own tailored event(s), definitely check out the app. We can confirm (having already trialed/tested it on a smaller event we recently hosted), this app is very user friendly, an absolute life-saver when it comes to confirming in large guest-lists, and we are able to personalise each guest record with info such as VIP, who the guest is attending alongside, dietary requirements etc.

P.S.S., If you’ve still not purchased your ticket(s) to the Gala night, there are only a few remaining seats left, so get going you good thing and get your ticket(s) stat HERE!