The 7th annual Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) Gala

Hosted at

Linden Estate, Eskdale, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Friday, August 18th 2023






Arrival time: 6.00pm for ‘welcome’ drinks and networking

Time: 6.45pm Guests invited into the Main Event Room to be seated for dinner / awards presentation

Time: 7.00pm Welcome note

Time: 7.10pm Awards Presentations

Time: 7.30pm* (*Menu To Be Confirmed)

Time: 8.20pm Awards Presentations–continued

Time: 9:45pm Formal closing of awards evening

Time: 10:00pm Entertainment

Time: 11:59pm Entertainment concludes / All remaining guests depart venue.

Tickets Sales TO BE ANNOUNCED in June 2023



**Our accommodation partners of choice will be announced June 2023.**