Wedding Industry Awards 2024 FAQs


Wedding Industry Awards {NZ} is the brainchild of principal Directors, Peter & Valeta Duncan, of The Love Company Ltd (formerly known as The Wedding Guy Company Ltd). While not a new concept overseas by any means, New Zealand up to 2014 had no event which formally recognised, or celebrated wedding industry professionals with a physical award at a formal presentation ceremony.

Recognising this niche opportunity in the market, Peter & Valeta set out to create a forum through which those in the wedding industry who are absolute “stand outs” in their chosen vocation could be recognised in a meaningful way.

Prior to the introduction of NZ Wedding Industry Awards, there was no offering in New Zealand affording wedding superstars a prestigious gala event held in their honour and providing them a tangible award they could proudly display for all their clients to see.

It’s with pleasure we invite you, and your business, to consider entering Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) 2024.

For those businesses fortunate enough to make it as finalists, an awards ceremony will be hosted in Queenstown (NZ).

It’ll be a mix of glitz, glam, and good times – topped off with loads of networking opportunities, and of course – AWARD WINNERS!








How can I get nominated for a Wedding Industry Award?


You can nominate your own business, be nominated by one of your past or present clients to your business, or possibly even by your industry peers.To ENTER A NOMINATION, simply email OR


Often-times, the reason a business like yours is nominated is because of comments received like, “…went above and beyond”, “…’wowed’ our wedding guests”, or “…exceeded our expectations”.


How will I know that I have been nominated for a Wedding Industry Award?

Once we receive your nomination, we will send you notification via email so you can then decide if you wish to take the next step and formally enter the awards. Nominee businesses will be advised via email or Phone. Given the sheer volume of nominations we receive, we’ll begin the rollout of advising nominated businesses from MONDAY, December 25th 2023

Having received (at last tally) over 950 NOMINATIONS in 2023, and with only a small team, we are hoping to complete our process of advising all NOMINATED businesses by Monday June 3rd 2024.

Can I withdraw my nomination?

Yes, absolutely you can! Although we’d strongly recommend you don’t. Receiving a nomination could prove to be a valuable opportunity for you to get some really great exposure for your business – especially if you WIN!

However, if you do choose to withdraw your nomination, simply email and advise you wish to have your name, or business name withdrawn. Your business name will be removed from our wedding industry awards website within 48 hrs of receipt of your email (if not sooner).


How can I find out more about the Wedding Industry Awards?

For more information about the awards, simply go through the various pages of this website and be sure to check out and LIKE US at for the latest updates regarding the awards.


What do I do now that I have been nominated for an award?

You will need to decide if you wish to accept the nomination by ENTERING THE AWARDS. If you decide to enter the 2024 Wedding Industry Awards (NZ), you’ll need to complete an official entry form which will be released on our website following the official closing date for nominations.

Nominations open ::        December 25th 2023  09:00am (NZ TIME) Nominations close ::        Monday, April 1st 2024  09:00pm (NZ TIME)Nominees advised ::         Monday, from December 25th* 2023 (*with ALL nominated businesses advised via email by Monday June 3rd 2024)


Entries open ::                   Monday December 25th 2023  9:00am (NZ TIME) Entries close ::                   MONDAY, July 1st 2024 9:00pm (NZ TIME)

**The official entry form will be available on this website (and our official facebook page), from MONDAY, December 25th 2023.

Is there a fee to enter the Wedding Industry Awards?

Yes, there is a minimum $55.00NZD fee to enter to cover administration costs. This fee is payable on entry.

If your business has received nomination(s) in multiple categories (i.e., OUTSTANDING CEREMONY VENUE, OUTSTANDING RECEPTION VENUE, UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, etc), you will need to pay $55NZD per category entry (to a maximum of 3 categories).

IMPORTANT: You can only enter a *MAXIMUM of 3 categories (*Please note: The People’s Choice category will be introduced in the New Year. We will advise all businesses who enter the 2024 awards when the ‘People’s Choice’ category goes “live”).

If you have received multiple nominations yet only wish to enter a single category, you are not required to have to enter more than one. However, you may wish to certainly consider entering more than one (to a maximum of 3) as the more categories entered, the increased chance to progressing further through the awards process.

Just imagine – making it through to finals in more than one category?

If a business chooses to only enter the “People’s Choice” category, and no other category, then the $55.00NZD entry fee will still apply.

PLEASE NOTE: If an entry is received without the applicable entry fee(s), the entry will be considered null and void and will not proceed any further in the awards process.

Bank Account Details for entry fee(s) are as follows:

Bank/Branch: ANZ, AlbanyAccount name: The Love Company Ltd. Account number: 01-0277-0177116-00

IMPORTANT: Include your Business Name in the REFERENCE when lodging your fee(s). Thank you.


Category Finalists announced                             MONDAY, August 19th 2024 9:00pm NZT

ALL FINALISTS will be contacted Monday, August 19th 2024. After FINALISTS have been contacted (via phone or email), an official “official” release of the list of 2024 Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) FINALISTS  will be dispatched via the Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) website (, and its official facebook page HERE.



A judging panel will be appointed to judge all entries. The judge(s) appointed to a category may be in touch with you should there be a need to discuss or clarify your entry further.

Judging Begins                                                         MONDAY, July 15th 2024
Judging Ends                                                             MONDAY, August 12th 2024



How will I know if I have won an award?

An announcement of each of the winners in each of the categories will be made at the Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) gala event. Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) 2024 awards gala will be hosted in Queenstown. The date of the awards gala is yet to be confirmed.

Do I have to attend the awards evening to receive the award?

Yes, ALL FINALISTS MUST be present at the awards evening (or have a representative from their business attend evening by proxy), to receive their award if announced the winner in their respective category.

If no representative from a finalist business is present to receive their award, the award will not be given at the awards evening, and the AWARD WINNER will automatically forfeit* their award.

(*Unless exceptional circumstances deem a WINNER in any category announced at the Gala event cannot attend. An executive decision will be made by the Award ORGANISERS in this instance, and no discussion or recourse will be entered into following this executive decision).


Where do I buy tickets for the awards evening?

Tickets will be available for purchase via the Wedding Industry Awards website  Seats will be STRICTLY LIMITED. Once all seats/tables to the Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) Gala are sold, all other requests will be wait-listed in the event a last-minute cancellation occurs.

Cost of 2024 awards gala INDIVIDUAL dinner tickets* are $250.00NZD

Cost of 2024 awards gala BUSINESS/GROUP TABLE dinner tickets* (*when purchasing a full Table of x10 seats as a BUSINESS or combined GROUP) is $2,300.00NZD* (*saving $200.00 when purchasing Table versus INDIVIDUAL ticket(s))

The link for tickets sales will also feature on our official Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) fb page HERE.


What do I receive as a winner?

You will receive:

  • Framed certificate
  • An ‘official’ Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) WINNER seal*

You will also be required to have a photo with your category sponsor. Please note any/all images taken during the Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) gala will be used for marketing purposes post- event.

*Following the event, as a FINALIST or WINNER at Wedding Industry Awards (NZ), you will receive a free Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) seal of recognition for your email and/or website, and of course – bragging rights.

You will ALSO have the option of purchasing a Crystal award. Details of how to purchase your award will be released post-awards night.


What happens if the Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) 2023 Gala is postponed/cancelled due to a resurgence of COVID?

If, in the exceptional circumstance COVID-19* (*or a variant of Covid -19) inhibits our ability to host the event due to public safety concerns, the Gala Awards will be postponed to the next earliest date available.

Attending guests will be notified a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the awards Gala if this is the case.

Tickets purchased will NOT be refunded in the instance of a postponement, however, they will instead be carried forward into the new postponement date.

ALL awards guests* (*ticket purchasers), will be advised via this website and our social media channel(s).

If postponement of the awards gala is not possible, then the ORGANISERS will make a decision to cancel the event. If the event is cancelled, then awards tickets will be refunded in full accordingly.



Any questions we haven’t covered off? Please feel free to email or txt/call Pete via (0276) 277 963 OR  send private message c/- the official Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) facebook page HERE.




Voting OPENS ::           April 2024 – To Be Confirmed (NZ time)
Voting CLOSES ::          July 2024 – To Be Confirmed (NZ time)

For this category, beyond the initial entry, it’s all about securing votes.  Now, you have to get all your past & present clients, suppliers, industry peers, family, friends, workmates, acquaintances, [and random strangers if need be], to vote for you.

GET THE WORD OUT via email, print, radio, social media networks, smoke signal, or any other means possible.

How do people vote?


You’ll find your name, or business name*, in your chosen category. Voters simply vote for you by selecting you as their chosen provider from the options available. There is only one vote per email/IP address.

*If for any reason your business name doesn’t appear on the list of those mentioned, please contact us immediately via or private message our official fb page HERE and we’ll add your business name accordingly.

REMEMBER: If we’ve not received your entry fee alongside your official entry, we will not be adding your business name to the list of those featured on the ‘People’s Choice’ voting list on the official Wedding Industry Awards (NZ) website.

If you are only entering the ‘People’s Choice’ category, and no other category in this year’s awards, you will still be required to pay an entry fee of $55.00NZD to qualify for entry.

Create a viral campaign through social media

If you, or your business, use social media as a promotional/selling tool, we will provide a badge which you can use on your facebook or other social network to tell people you’ve been nominated.

Given the sheer volume of entries received in this category, all official entries received will go into MORE FM ‘People’s Choice’ category. The WINNER of the MORE FM ‘People’s Choice’ category is determined solely on the greatest number of VOTES received.

Following the official closing date of the ‘People’s Choice’ category, the top five businesses who have received the most votes will be contacted (in no particular order of ranking), and advised they are one of the top five businesses to have received votes in the ‘People’s Choice’ category.

A representative from each of the five businesses will be required to be present at the awards gala, or have someone represent them if they are unable to attend in person.

PLEASE NOTE: If, when announcing the WINNER in the ‘People’s Choice’ category at the gala awards, a representative from the winning business is NOT present to receive the award, then the win will be deemed null and void.