We’re super excited at Wedding Industry Awards HQ to officially open the Doors to nominations for 2024!

This is your opportunity to NOMINATE your fav wedding business(es) from December 25th 2023.

“Our re-emergence as a nation from the confines of Covid-19 (and it’s subsequent variants still active in the community), has delivered a mix bag of tough times ahead, as well as incredible opportunity. The ‘tough’ side is the slower than anticipated recovery of the New Zealand economy which has created uncertainty for engaged couples deciding whether to pursue their wedding plans now, or hold out for better days. This has a “knock-on” effect to the wedding industry, and in some cases has presented some serious challenges to small wedding businesses already struggling. That said, the wedding industry are an incredibly resilient and talented bunch. Amidst the doom and gloom of recession, increased cost of living, and mortgage rate rises, are couples who are still pursuing their wedding dream – albeit reimagining it in a slightly different way. And there at the ready, are an agile cohort of wedding artisans of all talents and sizes, keen to make wedding visions a reality! ” – Pete Duncan, WIANZ co-founder.

If you’ve recently married, or presently engaged, we’d love to invite to NOMINATE your fav wedding vendor/supplier(s) into the 2024 Wedding Industry Awards. NOMINATING is easy peasy. It just take a couple of minutes and an investment of some sparkly words of generous praise. Your nomination could make such an incredible difference in the life and business of a well deserving Human whose dedication and commitment to making wedding dreams come true may otherwise go unnoticed.

Please take a few minutes to think about who might like to nominate, and then NOMINATE HERE.

On behalf of our team, and those hard working wedding artisans of Aotearoa – THANK YOU in advance for your nomination.

Warmest Regards,

WIANZ Co-founder